Relevant Experience – Projects led by Ibon

Completed Projects

Ibon has designed, launched the implementation and validated the ii40_Connect Monitoring Platform in customer use cases, with its diverse functionalities.

The project was recognized by the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) with the highest rating in the 2018 Neotec program to support the creation and consolidation of technology companies.


Ibon guides the product development roadmap for the ii40_Connect Platform, profiting from his experience servicing industrial and power generation equipment, and his knowledge on their operation and data exchange capabilities, to expand the functionalities and capabilities to service the monitored equipment.

He also applies the technical experience in control and power electronics gained during the development of highly dynamic MC2000 industrial motor drives for position-control applications. This project included the development of hardware and motion control software executed at edge controllers which modeled the power converter and motor behavior in a highly dynamic application for the paper industry.

Current Projects

As an extension of the Failure Mode Event Analysis module (FMEA) Ibon is launching the Automated Diagnostics and Recommendation Engine (ADRE) project to suggest the applicable root cause and offer the recommended corrective action for every recorded event. We will use historical event data and ML techniques, to rate and identify the most relevant path of action to support diagnostics and troubleshooting.

In the context of his involvement with Tecnun University and the Ceit Robotics lab, Ibon is deploying a network of edge gateway devices to connect different robots, equipment, sensors, and systems to ii40_Connect Platform and build an integrated lab-level monitoring and automation platform.

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