Relevant Experience – Projects led by Imanol

Completed Projects

Imanol has developed the current version of the ii40_Connect Equipment Monitoring Platform and web application dashboard, including the complete user interface and authentication services, as well as the API interfaces to other applications and data sources & consumers. 

Imanol has recently worked on the development of the Failure Mode Event Analysis module (FMEA) within ii40_Connect with input from Servitization Engineer to offer an integrated tool for equipment diagnostics and troubleshooting.

A demo of the complete ii40_Connect Monitoring Platform can we evaluated in the link below, with following username & password (note this logging is NOT with a Google user)

Link: ii40_Connect Monitoring Platform
Username[email protected]
Password: T9qs4&LXZ!xq

Current Projects

Imanol is currently working on a ii40_Ticketing System API that will allow equipment monitored by ii40_Connect to automatically open a Service Ticket upon the occurrence of critical alerts and malfunctions.

ii40 connect Helpdesk

This API will collect instantaneous and historical machine data, automatically populate the ticket with all relevant information, and submit it without delay to service agents to expedite diagnosis & assistance in support of the equipment user.

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