i40_Connect is a platform for monitoring industrial equipment oriented to servitization. Allows you to monitor the operation and performance of the equipment through our production assistance algorithms. In addition, our service assistance algorithms provide service managers with diagnostic and early incident identification capabilities, as well as recommendations for maintenance activities.

These advanced functionalities allow for greater and more profitable use of production equipment, and the provision of superior after-sales services quality.

ii40_Connect collects data directly from the machine (from the PLC itself) or from additional sensors, and it is processed in the cloud, transforming the data into valuable information, building a Digital Twin of the System and applying specific algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence. This information is presented to the user on any fixed (PC) or mobile device (smartphone, tablet), thus providing real-time information on the state of the machine and any possible anomalies that may arise.


The gateway is an adapted commercial hardware component that varies depending on the environment conditions (compatibility with other machines). Normally, the gateway is fixed inside the machine’s electrical cabinet on a DIN rail, but our engineers can always look for alternatives.

  • The internet connection can be through the customer’s network or its own network through 4G and LTE-M technology and the data is sent in an encrypted and secure way
  • We have remote access to the gateway to apply code changes and avoid unnecessary trips
  • Compatibility with a large number of communication protocols, both standard (OPC-UA, RS-232) and specific (S7, Fins)
  • The data is pre-processed before being sent to the cloud in order to reduce the response time to an incident and reduce the consumption of bandwidth in the subsequent sending.


The cloud stores the data collected by the gateway for a long period of time and is in charge of transforming that data into information and, later, knowledge with the aim of helping decision-making.

  • The ecosystem of one of the three main cloud service providers is used, although it is compatible with other databases
  • There is the possibility of storing the data on an on-premise server in the case of clients who do not want to have their data in third-party companies
  • Data reaches the cloud using the Cloud Pub / Sub and MQTT communication protocol
  • Automatic statistics of the machine variables are calculated daily, weekly and quarterly
  • The received machine health and operation data are analyzed using our own models and algorithms within the digital twin, to verify the correct operation of the equipment and identify possible incidents.
Predictive algorithms are performed in order to achieve predictive production and maintenance. The following image shows a graph of the temperature of an industrial furnace where the values ​​that the furnace will have are predicted based on data from the environment and operation.


ServiceApp is a multi-platform application that displays updated machine data thanks to the digital twin in the cloud and the information processed using our algorithms. The application consists of a dashboard which is personalized to each machine according to needs.

  • Data visualization: status of all the components in the machine, temperatures, pressures, geolocation, etc.
  • Information display: alarms, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • Daily and weekly summaries of operations
  • Access to technical documentation from both the client machine and ii40services
  • Incident notifications