ii40_Connect Platform. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a big concern in the implementation of any remote monitoring solution, and it is a critical consideration in ii40_Connect the platform.
  An integral cyber security approach is followed to provide the highest security level across different domains of ii40_Connect: from the edge-gateway, to the cloud and to the user interfaces to ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability of the information and prevent any intrusion to the system.
Additionally, we shield the value of the equipment data by uniquely linking it to the identity of the equipment it came from, ensuring authenticity, accountability and reliability that are key for proper data governance.
ii40_Connect platform ensures the highest security and data governance via a series of technical and organizational measures, highlighting:  
  • Ruggerized hardware & OS at edge-gateway
  • OSSEC monitoring agent at edge- gateway
  • Enforcement of strong device authentication via Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and X.509 certificates at edge- gateway and cloud
  • Machine data ownership & access rights linked to device identity using TPM and X.509 certificates
  • Encryption of communications to/from equipment and to/from cloud
  • VPN to edge-gateway for firmware updates
  • Data Encrypted at rest in cloud database
  • Enforcement of data rights at cloud database for owner & authorized users
  • Integral cloud cybersecurity coverage by global cloud services provider