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ii40_Connect. Digital Twin

The ii40_Connect Monitoring Platform offers a complete equipment digitalization and servitization solution for industrial and power generation assets, covering hardware, software and data analysis.
ii40_Connect Data Flow
The ii40_Connect Monitoring & Servitization platform is based on a Digital Twin of the asset under supervision, which constitutes a digital representation of the machine that helps visualize and understand its condition in real time, and provides valuable insights into the forecasted future behavior.
The structure of the ii40_Connect Digital Twin follows a semantic data model that is machine type specific, which leverages the structure of components of the machine, their magnitudes, their actions, their configuration.

Simplified Data Model Example for a Distribution Transformer

The Digital Twin in ii40_Connect combines inputs from multiple sources:
1. Real Time machine & environment data, collected from on site equipment controls, sensors, as well as from Enterprise level systems via customized APIs.
2. Physics based models for individual components of the machine, deployed in the cloud and using real time inputs to estimate and adjust modeled magnitudes.
3. Statistical data models, that analyse the historic data to identify meaningful relationships  
4. Equipment specific documentation covering machine logs, operation manuals, maintenance manuals, operation and maintenence history, etc.


Inputs into a Digital Model

The data exchange between different parties when collecting data is completed using the protocols and data models supported by the parties, favoring standard protocols and semantic data models where possible.

A demo of the ii40_Connect Monitoring Platform, that leverages the Digital Twin construct to supervise an actual machine in our lab, can we explored in the link below, with following username & password (note this logging is NOT with a Google user)

Link: ii40 Connect Monitoring Platform

Username[email protected]
Password: T9qs4&LXZ!xq