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Answering the most common questions
Is all data on the machine read?

(translated 2024)  The Gateway can read all the machine data that is made available to it. The best way to do is to identify the variables that are really going to add value to monitoring.

What industrial communication protocols does it has? What kind of automatons does it communicate with?

The Gateway communicates with the “standard industrial communication protocols: Siemens S7, OPC-UA, Ethercat, Modbus, and other protocols such as TCP / IP direct, RS232 serial, being able to incorporate specific protocols to communicate with the machine.

Can I access all the data collected by ii40_Connect?

Yes, totally and from any device with connected to Internet.

What users / roles can access the solution?

The ii40_Connect platform has by default 3 types of user with different privileges: administrator (with maximum authorizations), authorized user (for production and maintenance managers) and normal user (for operators). As part of commissioning, this configuration is adapted to the customer’s needs.

Is ii40_Connect data accessible from other applications?

Yes. We have an ii40_Connect API that prepares and makes the platform data available for connection with other applications such as ERPS, etc.

What are the benefits of ii40_Connect in the cloud?

The cloud offers the possibility of accessing information from any geographical point and device with an Internet connection. It is also worth mentioning the option of managing machines in different locations, its scalability in terms of available space or the guarantee that backup copies are made. Likewise, its installation cost is lower compared to on-premise installations, since its configuration is done remotely, while the latter requires a study and analysis prior to installation.

Is it safe from a cybersecurity point of view?

Yes, our priority is to offer a product with a high level of cybersecurity. Therefore, we incorporate cybersecurity considerations at  different levels of the platform to ensure confidentiality, privacy, and the non-manipulation of data that could affect the service. For this, we collaborate with the CEIT of Tecnun, and we have defined a very detailed security policy both at the Gateway, Cloud and Application level, which is supported by secure authentication elements, a restrictive policy of permissions and encryption in the management of data and communications

I don't want you to connect to my computer network. Can you do something?

The Gateway is prepared to operate independently without connecting to the plant’s network, and can have its own Internet connection to transmit the signals.

Can you do a plant level installation?

Yes. We can monitor individual machines, a complete line, or an entire plant.

¿Any doubt or question?

We solve it.