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Industrial Equipment Monitoring and Digitalization Platform focused on Servitization

(translated 2024) i40_Connect is a platform for monitoring industrial equipment. Allows you to monitor the operation and performance of the equipment through our production assistance algorithms. In addition, our service assistance algorithms provide service managers with diagnostic and early incident identification capabilities, as well as recommendations for maintenance activities.

These advanced functionalities allow for greater and more profitable use of production equipment, and the provision of superior after-sales services quality.

(translated 2024) ii40_Connect recoge los datos directamente del sistema de automatización y de sensores del equipo, y los transmite de manera segura a los servidores en la nube. Es en la nube donde se construye una representación digital (Digital Twin) del Sistema combinando modelos físicos y datos en tiempo real, para elaborar automáticamente la información útil de cara a la toma de decisiones de Operación & Mantenimiento y la prestación de servicios postventa.



Gateway IoT2050 Xformer
The gateway is a commercial hardware device. Normally, it is fixed inside the electrical cabinet of the machine on a DIN rail, but our engineers are in charge of finding the best alternative in each case.  

  • Internet connection: customer network or own network (4G and LTE-M)
  • Cybersecurity agent and integrated cryptography to transmit data safely
  • Compatibility with a large number of communication protocols both standard (OPC-UA, RS-232) and specific (S7, Fins)
  • Local monitoring agent (Edge Twin): data pre-processing for quick response to an incident, as well as reducing bandwidth consumption in the subsequent shipment.
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The servers in the cloud process the data received, build a Digital Twin in real time and analyze the data to extract useful information in order to help decision-making.
  • The ecosystem of one of the three main cloud service providers is used, although it is compatible with other databases
  • Reliability, diagnosis and prognosis engines.
  • Production and maintenance support algorithms (CBM, PM).
  • Life cycle simulation.
  • Possibility of storing data on an on-premise server
  • Automatic statistics of the machine variables are calculated on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis

Predictive algorithms are performed in order to achieve predictive production and maintenance. The following image shows a graph of the temperature of an industrial furnace where the values ​​that the furnace will have are predicted based on data from the environment and operation.

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The ServiceApp is a multiplatform application to access all useful and relevant information graphically at any time and from anywhere. The application consists of a dashboard which is customized to each machine according to needs.

  • Data visualization: status of the components in the machine, such as temperature, pressure, geolocation, etc.
  • Configurable Supervision Panel.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Alerts and notifications.
  • Incident manager (Heldesk).
  • Repository with technical documentation for both the machine and ii40Services