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Industrial equipment monitoring and servitization

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ii40_Connect digital platform is a complete solution for monitoring and servitization of industrial equipment, including hardware, software and analysis.

It connects the operating data of the machines with those responsible so that they have timely and detailed information about their status and how they are operating.

How does ii40_Connect work?

ii40_Connect collects data directly from the automation system and sensors, transmits them safely to the servers in the cloud where a digital representation (Digital Twin) of the System is built combining physical models and data in real time, to elaborate automatically useful information for the decision-making of Operation & Maintenance and the provision of after-sales services.

What elements make up the ii40_Connect architecture?

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It connects to the machine using industrial communication protocols and collects process data directly from the PLC. These data are analyzed following our own models and algorithms. Finally the machine data is transferred to the servers in an encrypted way using a dedicated internet connection.

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The servers receive the data from the Gateway for storage and analysis. Based on all these data, a Digital Twin model is built as a virtual instantaneous representation of the physical equipment. In the cloud, data is transformed into information and knowledge in order to help decision-making.

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The user interface allows access to information related to your monitored equipment. Through an intuitive and configurable multi-channel application (web, mobile device), it allows access to a variety of services such as visualization, diagnosis, remote assistance or technical and operational recommendations.

Benefit for your company

ii40_Connect has been developed keeping in mind the needs of machine manufacturer who want to monitor their machine park and offer advanced after-sales services within a servitization strategy. It is also designed for end users of machinery who want to increase the availability, efficiency and profitability of both  new and legacy equipment.

Advantages for equipment manufacturers

  • Supervision of the fleet of machines.
  • Infrastructure and tools for servitization.
  • Operation & Maintenance Support.
  • Reduction of technical assistance costs.
  • Tracking modes of use and failure (FMEA).
  • Support maintenance strategies.
  • Differentiation and better customer service.

Advantages for equipment end users

  • Continuous supervision of machine and production operation.
  • Greater knowledge, optimization and control of processes.
  • Increase availability, productivity and quality.
  • Greater reliability and service life.
  • Applicable to existing machines.
  • Remote diagnosis and assistance.
  • Maintenance costs reduction throughout the equipment life cycle

What does ii40_Connect contribute?

The industry is experiencing an evolution in its business model: from the sale of products to the sale of services,

Customers demand a complete service offering and companies pursue a servitization model to retain their customers and earn additional income.

With the implementation of ii40_Connect, it is possible to expand the range of services available and meet customer needs throughout the entire life cycle of the installed machine.

Our solution oriented to this servitization model also allows to monitor OEE, machine utilization and downtime in real time to obtain the maximum efficiency of the production process.

With our remote monitoring system, which provides greater and better knowledge of the machine and process, it is possible to access information in real time and react in time to possible problems, breakdowns and unexpected stops.

Our engineers with extensive experience in the industrial sector, listen and understand the needs of the client, adapting and customizing the solution, transforming the plant data into valuable information accessible at any time and anywhere from the customized application based on the needs of the client.

“The relevant information,
at the right time,
to the right person



Service Recommendations

Configurable alerts and notifications system that offer specific and useful information.

Automated diagnosis

Collection and processing of machine and sensor data to get an up-to-date view of machine health.

Predictive maintenance

Analyze the history of incidents and through Machine Learning anticipate possible anomalies.

Reduction in response time to an incident

On-site processing of the alarm system to increase the response time to an incident.

Help with decision making

Transformation of data into valuable knowledge for your company.
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Configurable reports

Interactive and customizable Business Intelligence reports on the analytics of the data coming from the machine.
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Remote monitoring of the machine fleet

Control the monitored machines from any device.
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Access to technical documentation

Repository with specific documentation for the machine fleet (plans, manuals, etc.) and the ii40_Connect solution.

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