Monitoring and Servitization platform for Industrial Equipment


ii40_Connect is a comprehensive solution to monitor in real time the operation and health condition of industrial equipment, that offers OEMs the technology tools to deliver digital aftersales services as part of a Servitization strategy.

ii40_Connect Applications


Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Monitor remotely and in real time the operation and health condition of your equipment at the machine level and across the complete fleet. Leverage the information you need to make data-driven decisions on production and maintenance.

Access securely all of your equipment’s information from a customized control panel with supervision and maintenance functionalities.

ii40_Connect collects machine data directly from automation system and sensors, to build a Digital Twin for 24/7 supervision. It can be applied to both new and legacy equipment, and is compatible with main PLCs and industrial communication protocols.

Process and Machine Operation Optimization

Obtain improvements in machine availability and utilization starting from the identification of critical operational factors and the extraction of insights to increase the equipment OEE.

Anticipate machine issues and receive notifications alerting on deteriorating behavior detected by machine health models, that enable a condition-based-maintenance and a predictive-maintenance to ensure an optimal operation of the equipment.  


Servitization Platform

Have access to the technology tools needed to deploy your Servitization strategy and the delivery of digital aftersales services to your user customers.

From real time OEE supervision or automated remote diagnosis, to a predictive maintenance service and performance based smart-contracts backed by blockchain technology, the technology solutions offered by ii40_Connect empower OEMs to offer digital aftersales services that bring real value to the enduser, and constitute new profitable revenue streams, allowing a tight relationship with customers throughout the equipment’s usable life.

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ii40_Connect Benefits

for OEMs
of industrial equipment

  • Platform for the deployment of Servitization strategies
  • New revenue sources from digital services throughout the whole usable life of the equipment
  • Ability to deliver automated aftersales services remotely for fast response
  • Reduction in after sales service costs
  • Reduced technical risk and avoidance of financial penalties
  • Availability of real life operation data for the equipment’s design cycle
  • Improvement in competitiveness and customer loyalty
  • Readiness for innovative digital business models, like availability-based premiums of pay-per-use invoicing schemes

for USERS 
of industrial equipment

  • Visibility of equipment’s efficiency and health condition anytime, anywhere
  • Insights and recommendations to optimize equipment operation
  • Improvement in availability, efficiency and profitability (OEE)
  • Enhanced knowledge and control over manufacturing processes
  • Machine health tracking to predict and avoid failures
  • Remote Assistance for an agile issue resolution and high uptime
  • Reduction in overall equipment maintenance and ownership costs
  • Improved experience throughout equipment’s life

ii40_Connect Architecture

ii40_Connect solution has 3 main pillars that cover the complete data value-chain from the machine to the users.





A smart IoT device collects machine data directly from the PLC and field sensors.

The data is processed locally by an Edge-Supevision-Agent, and transmitted encrypted and secured to the ii40_Connect servers.




With the machine data, ii40_Connect servers build a real-time digital image of the machine (Digital Twin).

Machine data is analyzed with big-data and machine learning techniques to track the operation and health condition of the equipment, including predictions over future behavior.





A visual intuitive application provides access to realtime information on equipment’s operations and health, allows early identification of machine issues and enables tracking of process KPIs.

In a Servitization control panel. different digital assistance functionalities are offered, like remote diagnosis, the management of machine incident tickets, or predictive maintenance solutions.

ii40_Connect Functionalities


Remote Supervision

Remote real time Supervision of equipment operation and health

warning sign

Alert Notifications

Notifications of machine issues and abnormal behavior through configurable alarms that track machine parameters or predictive models.


FMEA Analysis

Diagnosis and analysis of recorded alarms and machine issues, with identification of potential root causes and resolution recommedations


Operational Reports

Automated creation of operational reports, showing availability, efficiency and OEE, as well as machine health metrics.

movie tickets

Ticketing Service

Ticketing Service for the management of service requests, that collects the diagnosis information and enables the promotion of parts and services.

Gestión de base de conocimiento

Knowledge Base Management

Management of technical documentation (manuals, drawings, programs,…) and operational records (logs, maintenance reports), for the extraction of a Knowledge Base.


Tracking of KPI’s/OEE

Visualization and Tracking of critical process parameters (KPIs), regarding production and machine health.

servicio al cliente 1

Fleet Supervision

Fleet overview, with analysis and tracking of aggregated KPIs, as well as benchmarking between individual machines.

mantenimiento web

Connection to ERP/MES via API

Connection and information exchange with factory ERP/MES systems using a customizable API.

Predictive Model

Predictive Models

Integration of machine-specific predictive models running on real time machine data, executed locally at the edge or remotely at the ii40_Connect servers

ii40_Connect for Servitization

ii40_Connect constitutes a platform for the deployment of Servitization strategies by OEMs, offering detailed real time information on equipment’s operation, allowing the identification of after-sale service opportunities and their delivery.

The technology solutions incorporated into ii40_Connect support a portfolio of service offerings that can be marketed by OEMs.


Remote Supervision and Optimization

Supports end customer improving the machine utilization and efficiency.

Real time supervision allows the identification of optimization opportunities, from a work planning perspective, maintenance or even promoting retrofits or equipment upgrades.


Service Need Management

Integrated service and tool to manage efficiently all service needs by end user.

The Ticketing service automatically provides the service team with the required information to carry out remote diagnosis and manage machine events, and channel the marketing of spare parts and services.


Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts supported by blockchain technology fro automated delivery of aftersales services to end customer.

Linked to instantaneous machine data, it allows automatic execution of a previously contracted service to, for example, deliver the critical spare part when a predictive alarm is triggered, offering an immediate response and prevent downtime.


Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate equipment downtime through early identification of abnormal behavior, and prediction of failure, to plan service activities on the equipment that minimize the impact.

The predictive models use real time machine data as inputs to assess its condition and obtain alerts and service recommendations to maximize availability.


Performance-Based Contracts

Leveraging the knowledge collected on the equipment operation, its service needs and the predictive capabilities, it enables new business models with a more intense involvement in the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

It offers the possibility to establish Service Level Agreements (SLA) with incremental revenue based on the fulfillment of guarantees, with ultimate validation happening thanks to blockchain technology.


Lifecycle Management

Offers a continued support to the end customer during the complete lifecycle of the equipment, from its commissioning and warranty period, its operation period, retrofis/overhauls, to its remarketing and end of life. 

The equipment supervision and the predictive capabilities enable the delivery to the end user of the specific servicies needed in each phase of its lifecycle to maximize the value obtained from the equipment.

Cybersecurity in ii40_Connect


The proper protection of industrial equipment and the collected data is a key element of the ii40_Connect platform. With the collaboration of security providers and research centers, a comprehensive protection approach has been implemented in ii40_Connect: from the edge-gateway, to the cloud and the user interfaces and guarantee confidentiality, integrity, availability of the information and prevent attacks to the system.

ii40_Connect is equipped with intrusion monitoring and protection mechanisms across its complete architecture, all communications are encrypted, and identities are backed by certificates managed by hacking/resistant cryptografic hardware.

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