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ii40_Connect Platform. Edge-Gateway

The ii40_Connect Monitoring Platform offers a complete equipment digitalization and servitization solution for industrial and power generation equipment, covering hardware, software and analysis.
ii40_Connect Data Flow
The ii40_Connect platform leverages a smart edge-gateway device for the collection of data from the equipment and sensors, which runs our proprietary ii40_Connect software on a variety of possible commercial hardware components, depending on data input and communication requirements.

The ii40_Connect software is run at the edge-gateway in a docker container, and manages the machine data collection, preprocessing and encrypted data transmission.

Diagram Edge Gateway With Sensors

The ii40_Connect software at the edge-gateway supports most industrial and field specific standard communication protocols to collect data directly from equipment or sensor, and builds a semantic representation of the machine (edge-twin) before transmitting the encrypted data model to the ii40_Cloud.

The ii40_Connect software includes a machine Supervision Agent with operational tools to process real time data such as a Rule Engine, Alarm Engine and Analytics functions that work on top of the Edge Twin

Additional advanced Analytics Tools such as a ML model to calculate the model specific component can be deployed and executed at the edge-gateway as a separated docker container. These Analytics Tools interact with the edge-twin to use the collected data and run advanced data models in applications where the proximity to machine and quick computation and reaction time is required.

The edge-gateway runs a Security Agent as a separate service to ensure proper orchestration of the different docker services and the highest cybersecurity protection